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The coconutoilcompany.com was established by Ray Sherwin who is well known in the essential oils industry. In 1980 Ray founded Id Aromatics in Leeds which was probably the first city centre shop to specialise in selling essential oils to the public.

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In 1990 he went on to set up Hermitage Oils which wholesales essential oils to health services (public and private), health food shops, manufacturers and therapists.

In 2005 Hermitage Oils was bought by its current owners and Ray was able to concentrate his attention on coconut oil. His objective was to find a type of coconut oil with a fine flavour which he would be able to sell at a proper, rather than an inflated, price. The therapeutic action was also very important to him so the oil he was to sell would need a lauric acid content of about 50% and made from fresh coconuts instead of dried copra. This perfectly describes the premium, virgin coconut oil we are currently offering for sale.

We sell only the one type of premium, virgin coconut oil. Like any product which is entirely natural, it varies a little from crop to crop but the flavour is reasonably constant. When our business was in its early stages we organised several tasting sessions which were attended by coconut oil fans. The choice at these tastings was always unanimous. In Ray’s opinion the flavour is crucial. If people don’t like it, they won’t take it.


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