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Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml Jar

Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml Jar



Our pure, unrefined virgin coconut oil is packed with medium-chain fatty acids. Ideal for cooking, spreading and adding to your coffee. Appearance is a rich snowy-white butter which melts into a clear, fine oil when used. Our growers pack the oil from the first cold press, ensuring maximum taste and nutrition. Use as a spread, in smoothies, warm oats, and in all cooking, baking and roasting. It's food for the body on the outside too. Your skin will love this natural and edible moisturiser.

Virgin coconut oil is pressed from fresh picked coconuts. The oil is then filtered and packed. Nothing is added or taken away. Other coconut oils in the foods and cosmetics industries are “RBD”, which indicates refined, bleached and deodorised.

CoconutOilCompany's virgin coconut oil is supplied in a sturdy glass jar with tamper-evident seal.

  • Cold-pressed from fresh selected coconuts, not dried copra
  • Not refined, bleached, deodorized (RBD)
  • Delicious taste and aroma of fresh coconut

Besides its nutritional value, virgin coconut oil also makes a luscious and soothing massage and body oil for dry skin. This exotic tropical nutrient will help moisturise and soften – and can even be used in your hair!

How to use for skin and hair:

  •     Massage a little Coconut Oil into your scalp before washing hair to keep away dry skin flakes
  •     Rub Coconut oil into your body after a shower to keep skin moisturised and soft
  •     To prevent frizz and flyaway hair rub a tiny dab into your palms and smooth over hair
  •     Scoop two tablespoons into a bath, step in and soak it in
  •     Smooth over your face at night for a healthy, radiant complexion

(Remember this is 100% oil with no added water so when used on the skin a little goes a long way!)

Made from fresh-picked coconuts and cold-pressed, this is the very stuff of nature and is one of the most natural ways to moisturise. Virgin coconut oil is a moisturiser so pure & natural, you can even eat it! It's a pure white coconut butter which when applied to the body, melts into a clear, light, quick-absorbing oil. Raw virgin coconut oil has revitalising properties for the skin, containing antioxidants, phyto-nutrients and vitamin E. Lauric acid has long been recognised for the unique properties it brings to the manufacturing of soaps and cosmetics.  This virgin coconut oil is cold-processed and therefore has a very high Lauric Acid content of over 50%. This helps to soften the skin, preventing dryness and flaking.

This product replaces your moisturisers, make-up removers, lip balms, foot creams, bath oils, massage oils and much more!
You can do all this with our Virgin Coconut Oil:

  •     Moisturise face and body
  •     Massage oil
  •     Hair de-tangler - apply to ends
  •     Hair pre-wash - massage into scalp then leave for an hour and wash out
  •     Luxurious bath oil for silky soft skin
  •     Make-up remover - with cotton wool

(Unlike other skin oils, virgin coconut oil is a 100% plant based and contains no liquid paraffin or other petro-chemicals found in most high street skin creams, oils and bio oils.)

Ingredient: Virgin Coconut Oil.

Best Before: Over 9 months.

Suitable for paleo, vegan, gluten-free, low Gi and low-carb diets.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A great product

A beautiful quality coconut oil, smells divine!

Thom Coundry
Happy with product and delivery

I have been buying from your company since 2009 and always good coconut oil and fast deliveries. I use it for everything! Many thanks, Thom.

L.Smith, Hudds
Pet Heaven

My little shelti suffers from mange and cannot stop scratching making her pull her fur out with the constant itching. Last week i ordered a tub of the virgin coconut oil and could not believe the overnight results! Totally amazed as i rubbed loads in on the worst parts and as she started licking my hands i gave her some on a spoon and she loves it. I now dont need to rub it on her skin and her fur looks much better. She has stopped itching but still has a spoonfull a day!

K. Rathborne
Long term user

I've been using coconut oil for several years now, and thought I'd give this one a try. I ordered on the Tuesday and it was here Wednesday morning! Absolutely the best taste and makes my skin feel wonderful as well. Will be buying more soon!

Neil Turnbull, Donnington
Amazing product and fast delivery

Received the coconut oil yesterday and what can I say? - it tastes amazing. Will be trying oil-pulling with it starting tomorrow. Many thanks!



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