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Mrs Cussons, Leeds.
I received your coconut oil a few days ago and I just had to write to say what a fabulous product it is. I have tried various types of coconut oil from other companies and nothing has come close to this. I was almost ready for giving up but saw yours which, unbelievably, is cheaper than any other I have found on the internet. How do you do it!! This oil is creamy, smells delicious and I have no problem eating it straight off the spoon every morning, unlike all the others I have tried which taste almost soapy. My 3 year old daughter thinks it tastes like ice cream! I will certainly be using your services again. I am thrilled to have at last found the right product at a price which means I can use it daily instead of any other fats or oils. And amazing delivery too....I ordered online and it arrived by courier the next day. I'll be telling my friends about your company too. Thank you and well done!

RS, West Yorkshire.
I use coconut oil for therapeutic reasons. Iíve bought it from all over the place but I wasn Ďt happy with the flavour until I found this one from Itís tasty enough to eat by itself if I canít be bothered to cook.

Mr JT, Bristol.
When I first got interested in coconut oil I could only find the cheap stuff that doesnít taste or smell of anything. When I found out that the stuff is bleached and dyed like margarine I doubled my efforts and discovered What a difference! You can tell straight away that this is real, wholesome food.

Mrs LW, Saltaire.
I was recommended by a friend to try cooking with virgin coconut oil when my energy levels dropped after I developed a thyroid condition. I noticed a marked difference within twenty-four hours! At first I was concerned that coconut oil would make all my cooking and baking taste coconutty but it doesnít. It does make food smell very appetising while itís being cooked. This particular coconut oil tastes great.

Mavis B, Nottingham.
After only a day of taking virgin coconut oil I became red all over as my metabolism was uprated. I went back to my normal colour after a couple of days but my energy level stayed up. Thanks for a flavoursome coconut oil. Iíve tried others and they all taste of soap or nothing at all. After years of trying Iíve started to lose weight too!

Kerry W, North Wales.
I suffered from very dry skin across the forehead for years. A friend of mine who uses virgin coconut oil gave me enough to use as a moisturiser for a few days. I must have spent hundreds on fancy skin conditioners but none of them is anywhere near as effective as coconut oil. Yours ( tastes great too.

J.T. London.
I noticed while I was looking for a supplier of coconut oil that there are several on the internet. Some of them arenít even supplying a legal product. Oils sold as foods, or even to use in skin, care must, by law carry a batch number. At least one supplier doesnít provide a label at all and the oil comes in a plastic bag! All the coconut oil sites, with the exception of yours, are cumbersome and overcomplicated. Thanks for supplying the tastiest coconut oil at a wonderfully low price. I need the oil to control IBS.

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